Aptive Consulting are a UK based cyber security consultancy, providing IT security assessment services for organisations such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, security hardening & network security audits.

We make security assessments and penetration testing simple and cost effective for businesses of all sizes.

Services Overview

An overview of the primary IT security assessment services we offer:

  • Aptive are a UK penetration testing company, providing internal or external network penetration testing services with methodologies based from the PTES and Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) to help ensure a carefully scoped simulation of a real-world attack. Our service identifies and quantifies security issues in a risk ordered report, with an optional wash up call to ensure your organisation understands the identified security issues.
  • Web Application Penetration Testing Services
  • Aptive’s Web Application Security Testing is a full security assessment of a web application (dynamic website), and often the web server(s) hosting the web applications infrastructure. The web application is assessed using our own internal methodology which is based on the OWASP testing methodology, we identify security issues within your web apps and provide clear remediation instructions, allowing your organisation to easily fix identified security issues. For more information, see our page on web application security testing.

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services
  • Aptive’s Mobile Application Security Testing is a security assessment conducted against mobile apps, such as applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile. Before deploying mobile applications it’s crucial your business has your mobile applications assessed to identify potential security issues, logic flaws or vulnerabilities. Our mobile app security testing is based on the OWASP mobile application project methodology. See Aptive’s page on mobile app security testing for more information.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Services
  • Aptive provide manual and automated vulnerability assessment services, more information can be found on our vulnerability assessment page.

Company Overview

Aptive are a UK penetration testing company based in the Surrey Research Park, Guildford. We provide affordable mobile and web application security testing services for organisations within the UK and the rest of the world. We are passionate about security and enjoy helping organisations reduce their security related risks. Our reports are concise, with clear remediation instructions, providing your organisation with clear instructions to fix discovered security issues.

Ethical Hackers

We are professional consultants with the mindset of hackers, as experienced consultants we understand business concepts and reduce the risk of disruption with carefully scoped and professionally executed penetration testing engagements.

Our consultants have years of experience working within the IT industry for Fortune 500 companies, dealing with development, operations, compliance requirements and network security. We understand the ecosystem, remain current with the IT industry and have the skills and experience to help assess your organisations IT security & defences.

Aptive understand IT Security is only one of your business concerns, we ensure security assessments and penetration tests go as smoothly as possible, helping your business identify and fix discovered security issues

Qualified Ethical Hackers

All of our consultants hold professional penetration testing qualifications including CREST and OSCP accreditations and are members of governing bodies, such as The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). We invest significant time performing ongoing staff training and regularly attend IT security events within the UK.

Our Company Values


We aim to be as transparent, open and honest as possible, providing our methodologies to clients and providing clarity where possible.


We love what we do, our passion drives us, helping us identify security issues which in turn help secure your business.

Give Back

We keep our blog updated with useful security research and white papers, giving back to the security community.


We aim to be exceptional at what we do, we keep existing clients by going above and beyond their expectations.

Why use Aptive for Penetration Testing

Qualified Penetration Testers

Penetration testing performed by OSCP certified & CREST registered penetration testers.

OWASP Members

All our testers are members of OWASP.

Proven Testing Methodology

Aptive performs penetration testing based on the PTES, OSSTMM & OWASP testing methodologies.

Easy to Understand Reports

Discovered security issues in severity order with remediation instructions.

Fixed Price Proposals

Transparent costs and fixed price proposals, giving you peace of mind.

Custom Penetration Testing

Custom Penetration Testing tailored to your business requirements.